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10-Day Liver Detox/Liver Cleanse Guide

10-Day Liver Detox/Liver Cleanse Guide

A gentle, diet-based way to get your health back on track. 

A gentle, diet-based way to get your health back on track. 

About This e-Book

This e-book utilizes a simple, effective, dietary approach to obtain optimal health and wellness.

Seeking optimal health?

Developed by a licensed naturopathic physician, this 105-page ebook offers a simple, yet effective, diet-based approach to achieving optimal health. 

By reducing the workload on your liver, extra energy in the body is available to reduce and eliminate toxins that might have accumulated from overindulging in unhealthy processed foods and/or alcohol. 

In contrast to harsher, more restrictive, and less healthy liver cleanses in the marketplace, Dr. Werner has designed a gentle, scientifically and nutritionally sound protocol that has been lauded by hundreds of patients. 

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Who needs a liver cleanse?

If you’re experiencing gas or bloating, mood swings, fatigue, or a general lack of wellbeing, a liver cleanse might be in order. 

Frequently, holistic doctors will recommend 

that their otherwise healthy patients undergo a gentle liver cleanse 1-4 times per year to maintain a properly functioning body. This is because we live in an industrialized world of pollution and chemicals. As a society, we also tend to overindulge in processed foods and alcohol. All of these manmade substances can tax our liver’s ability to properly detoxify these substances. Hence, a liver cleanse is a great way to support your body and maintain good health. 

Are there any people who should not engage in a liver cleanse?


Infants, children, pregnant women, diabetics, and those who are currently taking medication for an ongoing health condition should NOT undergo a liver cleanse.  

Medications are a concern as they are processed through the liver. While this particular liver cleanse is strictly food-based and does not use supplements or herbs, we highly recommend you speak with your personal physician before participating in any liver cleanse. 

One obvious contraindication for participating in a liver cleanse is for those taking the drug, Warfarin, which requires strict dietary adherence. 

The Cali Cleanse eBook Content

What’s in the ebook?

The Cali Cleanse Preparation Guide

Here you’ll find practical tips and motivational information to help you prepare for this cleanse.

The Cali Cleanse Guide

Step by step instructions for successful completion of this cleanse are found in this section. You’ll learn the importance of managing your stress, the benefits of exercise, and important allergy information. 

Modified food elimination and challenge instructions

The Cali Cleanse has been designed to incorporate the elimination of certain foods that commonly cause allergies and sensitivities. After the liver cleanse portion has been completed, those who wish to determine if they have a sensitivity to a particular food can systematically reintroduce those foods by using the guidelines given in this ebook. 

The Cali Cleanse Liver Detox Protocol

This is what you’ve been waiting for... the diet-based portion of the Cali Cleanse. Here you will find a 10-day sample menu with recipes. You will also find lists of foods to substitute if you so choose. 


Can I purchase a hard copy of this book?

Not at this time. The Cali Cleanse is only available as an ebook. 

What if I’m Vegan?

There are several vegan and vegetarian recipes in this ebook. In fact, a proper liver cleanse should be entirely vegan. However, since many people needing a liver cleanse are omnivores, we have included a few non-vegan meal choices on the first few days of the cleanse to help ease the transition into the vegan portion. If you’re vegan, you can choose the vegan food options for those days. Also, the recipes listed in the protocol that are not vegan, are easily customizable to meet your dietary and lifestyle preferences. For example, we’ve included a list of substitutions for meat proteins and dairy products. There are also links to websites within the text if you require more extensive food substitution lists. We do apologize that there are a few food photos of poultry and fish meals in the recipe section of this ebook. 

What if I follow a paleo diet?

The recipes in this liver cleanse program are easily modified through the use of food substitution lists within the text of this ebook. In our experience, those following a paleo diet do very well following the whole food vegan recipes in this cleanse. One caution is that people following a strict paleo lifestyle usually need to add supplements if  all grains, including quinoa, are being avoided. Check with your doctor for recommendations on supplements, if necessary. 

I‘m allergic to nuts, can I still do this cleanse?

Yes, you can do this liver cleanse, but it will take a bit more effort on your part to substitute nuts with other items such as seeds, sunflower butter, and hummus. Since many of the recipes in this guide use nuts and nut butters as a protein source, you might be limited in your food choices. With that said, we have had several patients in our office modify their liver cleanse by restricting their main meals to a non-nut protein, an approved grain, and vegetables. Snacks can be limited to hummus or guacamole with veggies, or fruit with sunflower butter. So your food choices might be somewhat boring, but you should still derive benefits from this cleanse. There’s a section in the ebook addressing nut allergies.  

How does this ebook deal with other food allergies?

The Cali Cleanse liver detox guide includes food substitution lists, and links to websites for additional food substitution options. All of the recipes in this ebook are dairy-free, and almost all are gluten-free. Those with food allergies (other than nut allergies) find this program easily modifiable.

What if I can’t complete the cleanse?

No problem. You still have the information and you can try again at a later time. But don‘t despair if for whatever reason you weren’t able to complete the program.  We know that changing your diet can be challenging. We suggest you re-read the “preparation guide” in the Cali Cleanse ebook, and follow the steps to help motivate you to try again. 

I received the ebook book and decided it wasn’t for me, can I get my money back?

Unfortunately,  there are no refunds for this product. Since this is an ebook, you will have the information forever on your computer or other device. Because of this, there is no way for us to retrieve that information so it’s yours. Since we’d like to prevent any unhappy customers, we have provided a link for you to view a few sample pages prior to making a purchase. 

Cali Cleanse 10-Day Liver Detox


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